Hire an individual with the right skillset to take your company to the next level. Chase Winters Worldwide is an executive search firm based in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and serves firms throughout the United States. Whether you are looking for a financial management executive, an operations head, or another type of leader, we have the resources and experience necessary to find the ideal fit for your company.

What makes our executive search services so effective is our focus on both the industry we are serving and the type of position we are filling. From the board of directors to the strategic services division, our search has in-depth insight into the many functions of executive roles. We also offer diversity services to ensure your company’s leadership accurately reflects the people who work for you and your clientele.

Selecting Your Next Operations or Financial Management Executive

When you choose your firm’s next operations or financial management executive—or fill any other leadership position— it is essential to be mindful of your staff and clientele’s demographics. The demographics of our entire nation are changing as our population becomes more diverse and we believe your board room should reflect those changes. That is why we offer diversity services during our search assignment. In addition, we understand that a diverse workforce enables you to better relate to your many types of consumers. Research also indicates that diverse teams produce more and better solutions than homogenous ones. Your ability to out-innovate your competition is the key to meeting your growth goals.

Diversity encompasses the many ways people may differ, including gender, race, nationality, education, sexual orientation, style, functional expertise, and a wide array of other characteristics and backgrounds that make a person unique. Our firm’s diversity services are instrumental in assisting clients with initiatives designed to provide opportunities to not only accept and be comfortable with individual differences, but also to leverage those unique capabilities and perspectives to fuel our clients’ growth.

We created a dedicated diversity services specialty practice to ensure our commitment to proper representation. As an embedded standard in our search services, a diverse slate of candidates is presented on every search engagement. Additionally, we have successfully completed numerous diversity specific initiatives and research projects, including those for chief financial officers, chief marketing officers, sales leaders, senior legal officers, and board of directors.

Strategic Services for Targeted Search Engagements

The strategies you employ are critical your company’s short-term and long-term success. That is why our firm created a designated strategic service practice for our search engagements. We are widely acknowledged as the preeminent search firm for conducting strategic service assignments, including those for both corporate and management consulting clientele. Our firm stands out from the competition in this regard due to our unique ability to support initiatives focused on the CEO agenda. Furthermore, we are the only executive search team in the industry who maintains a dedicate practice for strategic services. Our team also has respective experience within the specific disciplines that constitute global strategic functions, including:

  • Alliances
  • Channel Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Economics
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Globalization
  • Growth Platform Strategy
  • Intellectual Property Valuation
  • Market Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Product Strategy
  • Shared Services

Our Experience with Strategic Services Assignments

Over the years, our strategic services have yielded great successes for our clients by providing them with executive leadership that empowers their firm. We recruit leaders capable of defining and executing corporate visions that achieve measurable and meaningful results.

Our strategic services practice expertise along the entire value chain, industry perspective, market insight, and professional network have all contributed to our clients' success of aligning their growth, product, and market strategies. Collectively, our team has completed a large number of executive search engagements for strategists across a variety of industries. Each member of our team was an industry practitioner prior to embarking on a career in executive search, aiding us in our search for qualified strategic minds. Count on our team to locate and recruit the best possible candidate for your firm’s specific strategic needs.

Guiding You Towards the Right Hire for Your Board of Directors

Ensure your board of directors guides your company in the right direction by recruiting through our firm. Our dedicated board service practice team conducts assignments for corporate directors worldwide, serving a wide array of clients in today’s most competitive industries. Clients range in size from multi-billion dollar revenue industry leaders to venture-funded start-up companies. Our board of director services practice is global in scope and committed to helping our clients strengthen their boards with effective business leaders. What sets us apart from other executive search firms is our ability to analyze and understand the core strategies behind your organization and place leaders with complementary perspectives and skillsets.

Recruiting new directors is time-consuming and increasingly challenging, requiring access to a base of candidates greater than those provided through traditional sources. Continuing issues of corporate governance, diversity, and directors' liability add to the challenge of attracting the best individuals to corporate boards. Our board services practice successfully responds to these challenges through a worldwide network that enables us to leverage a broad base of senior executives in the most demanding industries, academia, and government, while addressing companies' needs for more culturally diverse boards.

We use a knowledge-driven approach in conducting corporate director assignments and corporate governance audits, consulting with our clients on maximizing the value of their boards as a vital strategic resource. Our proprietary database contains documented information on candidates' board availability, interests, conflicts, and references. Our board services practice is abreast of ongoing developments in corporate governance and our associates are actively involved in the evolution of issues important to today's CEOs and boards. We routinely examine issues in the board room, from diversity to audit committee membership. In addition, we possess the resources and expertise to consult with clients in-depth on their leadership needs.

Technical Expertise at Information Services Recruitment

In recent years, the importance of information technology has advanced from the back room to the board room and has become a primary component of any firm's business strategy. The dramatic increase in corporate expenditures on information systems underscores its importance. Our executive search team’s information services practice allows us to enable businesses to realize their corporate goals and objectives while creating a competitive advantage through the deployment of technology solutions.

Progressive companies are advancing additional financial and human resource commitments allocated to their technology initiatives. In particular, more technology initiatives are being focused in the areas of customer relationship management, operational improvement programs, and product development initiatives. Overall, organizations are quickly realizing the importance of technology as the solution to business issues. They achieve better business results by improving their ability to leverage and use information technology.

However, companies face the challenges of identifying, evaluating, and selecting the technical staff responsible for such transformation. Our clients have depended upon our insight, perspective, and experience to minimize their recruiting risk while maximizing the likelihood of success. Rely on our expertise to find the right information services executives for your leadership openings.

Years of Experience in Information Services for Business

Work with a dedicated team that has successfully completed a wide array of executive search engagements specific to the information technology function. Each member of our team was an information technology practitioner prior to embarking on a career in executive search. Their respective experience includes expertise in enterprise software, media content and services, e-business, infrastructure, systems integration, outsourcing and managed service, and telecommunication. This high level of experience gives us significant insight into how to effectively search for and recruit an ideal information services candidate.

We have located information services candidates from across a range of industries and markets on a global basis. No matter what industry you come from, we can find a good fit—one who has the technology skills necessary to drive your business forward. Our executive search firm has previously recruited candidates for the following information services positions:

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Senior Vice President & Chief Engineer
  • Vice President of Product Development
  • Vice President of International Sales
  • Vice President of Systems Architecture
  • Vice President of Sales Manager
  • Vice President of e-Business Services
  • Director of Systems Software
  • Director of Training & Development
  • Director of Product Marketing
  • Senior Manager of Technology Services
  • Regional Sales Manager

Find the Human Capital Leaders Your Workers Need

At heart of any business organization is its people. Human capital is the intangible asset that embodies an organization, serving as its brand, developing its market reputation, and functioning as its defining point of differentiation. Our human capital services practice recognizes the critical nature of these elements and the challenges inherent to recruiting in this industry. From global entities to start-up ventures, our clients leverage human capital to drive business growth across the globe.

Our firm is arguably the preeminent leader in executing executive search engagements within the professional services industry. In fact, every member of our team enjoyed successful tenure as an industry practitioner prior to entering the executive search field. Our dedicated team is comprised of former strategic management consultants, finance professionals, human resources executives, and information technology specialists.

Thanks to our acute understanding of industry trends, market dynamics, and specialty practice sectors, our team has successfully identified, recruited, and selected our clients’ leadership teams. Our efforts proved instrumental in recruiting senior-level professionals for corporate and human firms. Empowered by our proprietary recruiting systems, global resource network, and unblemished reputation, we eliminated the risks inherent to executive search, reduced recruiting cycle-time, and provided a host of embedded value-added services. Let us find the leaders your workers need for maximum productivity and satisfaction.

Broad Range of Experience in Recruiting Human Capital Leaders

Over the years, our firm has been instrumental in the identification, selection, and retention of senior-level professionals within the human capital field for corporate and consulting services firms. Our dedicated team has specializations in a variety of areas relevant to professional services, providing us with valuable insight into the search and hire process.

These specializations include strategic services on a competitive, organizational, marketing, and technical basis and supply chain management for logistics, strategic sourcing, transportation, and manufacturing. Likewise, we are also knowledgeable in many sectors of communications— such as advertising, media, public relations, and investor relations— and business legal areas like compliance, governance, and litigation. Our team has experience with financial and tax matters like insurance, investments, risk management, and treasury oversight. Most importantly, we boast an in-depth understanding of key areas of human capital services, including compensation, benefits, health care, learning, retirement, and training.

Efficient Management for Operation Services Recruitment

The importance of efficient business operations is arguably the single most important function within any world-class business and is the cornerstone of success. Recruiting the right executive to lead your operations division is crucial because efficient operations enable companies to nurture customer relationships, enhance relationships with suppliers, align business operations with strategic initiatives, and streamline the supply chain for lower total costs and increased profitability.

In today's global economy, no company can afford the burden of bloated costs and unproductive assets. Yet even though the supply chain is where most companies will find the bulk of their costs and assets, only a small percentage of the companies have begun to take meaningful strides toward efficiency. Fortunately, our staff members are all former industry practitioners and we have further developed functional expertise along the entire value chain. Our dedicated team of operations specialists have developed skills and earned experienced across the following disciplines:

  • Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation

Our Experience in Locating Skilled Operations Professionals

Trust an executive search firm with extensive experience in locating and retaining skilled operation services professionals. Our operations specialty practice has successfully identified, recruited, and evaluated dozens of candidates whose contributions have made a marketable improvement in our clients' success. This includes senior-level experts from across a wide spectrum of business industries. In the past, we have filled the followed executive operations positions and many more:

  • Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Senior Vice President of Manufacturing
  • Senior Vice President of Distribution
  • Vice President of Human Resources
  • Vice President of Strategic Sourcing
  • Vice President of Transportation and Logistics
  • Plant Manager
  • Director of Warehouse Services

Contact us to learn more about our diversity services and our industry insight into the executive recruitment process. Our executive search firm proudly serves business throughout the nation.