Our practice expertise ensures that the candidates we find will be thoroughly evaluated according to prescribed position specifications. We have proven capabilities in a number of fields, including those detailed on this page and the following:

  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
Aerospace and defense : The Industry has undergone cataclysmic change in recent years. When targeting ideal aerospace executives, one must keep in mind that defense budgets have dramatically expanded, commercial aviation has suffered drastically, and global competition has heightened the awareness for increased efficiencies. These changes have altered the field dramatically, so any recruitment team must find talented individuals who can keep up with the industry’s evolution. Consolidation, commercialization, and manufacturing efficiencies have further heightened competition within the industry.

Automotive: The Industry  has altered dramatically in recent years due to global markets becoming more competitive, the consolidation of supplier sources, and customer demands becoming more sophisticated. This requires the automotive executives of manufacturing, supply, and distributor firms to redefine their traditional roles and begin to effectively collaborate on large-scale initiatives.  As firms reinvent their respective business strategies, channel operations, and marketing campaigns, our expertise has strongly contributed to our clients' success at recruiting automotive executives who are competitive in the international markets. Our functional expertise along the entire value chain allows clients to effectively align their growth, product, and market strategies with their talent search projects. 

Energy: The burgeoning demand for energy is being created by a growth-oriented global economy. Due to the development of alternative energy, deregulation, restructuring, and consolidation, our practice has seen a rise in executive search activity across the entire energy and utility value chain. As one of the most trusted executive recruitment organizations, we take pride in locating and placing highly qualified candidates in positions at energy and utility firms across the nation.Our team has successfully completed engagements for major integrated energy companies, large independent firms, and the companies that provide services to the industry. We were also engaged by independent producers of oil, gas, and natural resources, refiners and processors, retailers and distributors, transportation and pipeline companies, and oil field services firms.